Coyote Jack is the photonym of Jack Kurtz, a dentist and photographer who resides in Southern California.   He has traveled the world, but has chosen to focus his photography on the American Southwest   During a trip to Southwest Utah , he observed a vast panorama below that looked unlike anything he had ever seen.  It was at that moment he was captivated by the uniqueness and beauty of the area that has been the inspiration for his landscape photography ever since.  

Each photo is uniquely processed from a raw image capture, and is meant to convey  the essence of the image at that instant. As the photos are developed during digital processing, the idea is to preserve the moment rather than alter it.  

Due to the nature of his photography, Jack feels that  metallic paper prints are the ideal medium for his work.  Each print is limited to a total of twenty  copies and will be signed and numbered on request.   If there are still prints available,  other sizes than those offered  may be purchased by contacting Jack directly by e-mail.